The Talks

Success Without Stress

an inspiring, upbeat talk filled with personal anecdotes, useful stress management techniques and opportunities for questions and answers on work/life balance.

Relax, Refresh and Re-charge Yourself

ninety minutes of movement and breathing exercises, visualisations and meditation techniques to calm the mind and body


Inspiring and enlightening short talks designed to give an overview/guide to some of the current self-development perspectives available for enabling us to make the most of our time and energy.

The Essential Guide to Time Management

Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind.  Sir Isaac Walton

60 minutes of insights and techniques to enable you to:

  • Get things done quicker and better
  • Improve your organisational skills
  • Prioritise work
  • Manage distractions
  • Delegate
  • Achieve a better work/life balance

Based on the CAP method (the 5 C’s, 10 A’s and 6 P’s) of time management.

The Essential Guide to Stress Management

Less stress means more success!

60 minutes of insights and tips to enable you to be stress-free.

Learn about

  • Why stress is such an important issue
  • The difference between stress and pressure
  • The signs and causes of stress
  • How to control the ‘flight and fight’ syndrome
  • The 10 best ways to feel more relaxed and in control of your work and life
The Essential Guide to Assertiveness

When we are honest with ourselves and express this assertively with others, we are able to achieve what we want without compromise. Max A. Eggert Asertiveness Pocketbook

60 minutes of insights and techniques to enable you to express confidently and clearly your needs, wants and feelings without getting angry or upset.

Learn about:

  • The causes of passivity
  • Your assertive rights
  • Developing inner confidence
  • How to say “no” and achieve a ‘win-win’ outcome
  • The broken record technique
  • The 6 most powerful assertive words
The Essential Guide to Peak Performance

Life is a marathon not a sprint!

60 minutes of insights and techniques to enable you to perform at a consistently high level on all four dimensions of your nature i.e. the

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social/emotional

Based on Stephen Covey’s ‘Sharpening the Saw: the Four Dimensions of Renewal’

The Essential Guide to Positive Thinking

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts.

60 minutes of insights and techniques to enable you to use the power of your mind in a more positive and proactive way.

Learn about:

  • The four types of thoughts
  • The S.O.S. technique
  • The power of intention
  • The law of action and reaction
  • How to use the sub conscious mind
The Essential Guide to Relaxation

Being relaxed is the foundation of a healthy mind and body

60 minutes of

  • movement 
  • breathing exercises
  • visualisations and
  • meditation techniques

designed to calm the mind and body.

The Essential Guide to Success

By studying the behaviour of those who have achieved great things we can learn and grow and become great ourselves.

60 minutes of insights and techniques to enable you to achieve ‘success’ (whatever that may be for you).

Learn how to:

  • Live with purpose
  • Use your values
  • Overcome fear
  • Tap into the power of your mind
  • Create the future you want
  • Use the law of attraction


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