Stress Management for Managers

A comprehensive and practical workshop

Aim: to give managers the confidence, understanding, knowledge and practical tools to help prevent organisational stress, as well as assess and deal with (potentially) stressful working conditions and staff affected by stress

Key learning points

By the end of the workshop managers will have a better understanding and knowledge of:

  • The definition of stress
  • Types of stress (work-related and other)
  • The difference between stress and pressure
  • The effects of stress on business
  • Legislative requirements and key legal issues
  • The HSE’s Management Standards of Work-Related Stress (2004)
  • The organisational signs and causes of stress
  • The signs and causes of stress in individuals
  • How to do individual and generic stress risk assessments
  • Control measures for managing staff who are stressed
  • Principles and practices for minimising stress in the organisation
  • Effective and proven ‘switching off’ techniques for relaxation and recovery
  • Powerful cognitive techniques to change perspectives on life and work

A handbook ‘Stress Management For Managers’ is provided.


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