Inspiring Seminars & Workshops

Stressless Training provides high quality, inspiring in-house talks, seminars and workshops for organisations wanting to create a more relaxed, healthy, positive, caring and empowering work culture/environment for their management and staff

Stressless Training can help your organisation move from a culture of fear and blame to one of positive purpose and success without stress.

Our aim is to enthuse, empower and enable managers and staff by providing the necessary insights, knowledge and practical tools so that they can respond to the increasing pressures of our competitive and rapidly changing world in a positive, confident and calm manner.

Training Ethos

The Stressless approach to training is comprehensive and holistic.

The underlying message is that although stress is abnormal and harmful, it can be prevented and controlled. It can also be seen as a blessing in disguise, a messenger indicating that something in our life needs to change.

The aim is always to enthuse, empower and enable participants to feel more in control of their life and, therefore, be less stressed.

The presentation style is very interactive and participants are given ‘permission’ through the trainer’s example, to openly share and discuss their ideas, feelings and experiences. Through a combination of relaxation techniques, self-assessment questionnaires and working in pairs and small groups, participants are led through a thought-provoking and enjoyable process that has a lasting impact.


comprehensive and holistic.

The Seminars

A variety of effective and enjoyable in-house stress related programmes to meet the needs of any organisation, including:
Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

An enlightening workshop covering the signs and causes of stress and ways to overcome it, including powerful cognitive techniques and relaxation exercises.

Stress Management for Managers

Stress Management for Managers

A comprehensive and practical workshop for managers on how to prevent organisational stress, as well as assess and deal with (potentially) stressful working conditions and staff affected by stress.

Make The Most Of Your Day

Make The Most Of Your Day

An holistic approach to time/self management which enables participants to make the most effective and efficient use of their time and energy

Living With Confidence

An empowering workshop about the understanding and tools necessary for setting boundaries and acting with confidence, calmness and self respect in all situations.

Overcoming Anger

Overcoming Anger

An impacting workshop on how to transform angry reactions into positive and assertive responses.


80% of participants usually rate StresslessTraining as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

I felt he was a good listener; made sense of my feelings; made me feel more positive about solving my issues re: stress

The delivery of the training was ‘first class’. The experience and involvement of other delegates added to the success and personal enjoyment.

The trainer was excellent. His style was very good. It made the course very enjoyable and worthwhile.

Very good trainer, who was able to get maximum participation from the group.  I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the course.